August 31st, 2017

News as porn

I like how the Daily Mail reported these "news":

Tattooed lover. Tattooed. That was the important bit in this. It would be of course if one was writing porn. And I know that this is Daily Mail but still. The whole heading is like they are trying to first and foremost get that image pop up in your head with all the "relevant" details. They should have gone full on and do something like:

Blonde woman with pierced nipples in PVC dress held against a wall while being branded several times with a horseshoe and fork by tattooed lover with a big cock.

Although after seeing how tattooed the man actually was, I thought that perhaps they were right to include it and BBC can a learn a thing or two from them as I wrote before (see here).

Btw, the woman and her tattooed lover are no longer together, they split up after the incident. So no more horseshoes and forks fun I guess.