August 30th, 2017

What is this garbage? This is awesome!

We have a lot of both American and Eastern European volunteers here and this is very true, they do speak different languages sometimes even when both sides speak English:

Also the trademark American smile might often result in a (with a stern face, which is a default here) "What's so funny? / What are you laughing at?" reaction and it is meant as a genuine question not an attack. This also applies to Western Europeans but not as much as it does to Americans.


A while ago a group of our American volunteers here gave me these swimming trunks as a present:

Now another group of American volunteers saw that "our" kid tries to copy everything I am doing (from my morning work out and shaving to how I jump into the lake), found the exact same trunks kids' size ("our" kid turned out to be 3 years and 4 months old), ordered them and gave them to the kid.

Now whenever the kid sees me in these trunks he immediately runs to get his and puts them on too (if he cannot find them, he won't leave Helga alone until she gives them to him). This makes everyone laugh and the kid and I have to spend some time taking pictures with everyone before we can go and jump into that lake.

PS: Yeah, I am aware that these days the shorts are probably super problematic in the US, as well as triggering, racist and hateful and everyone died because of them and the kid wearing them so young is pretty much guaranteed to become Hitler when he grows up but I do not give a fuck about the insane hysterical shit like that and I like the shorts (even though I do see how they might strike some as simply quite ugly at first).