August 29th, 2017

I can't be trusted with a dress

I was changing the oil in the car in our driveway and a girl with a dress on a hanger under a transparent plastic cover appeared and told me that Helga (she was at a meeting at the school in the neighbouring village then) asked her to deliver the dress and not give it to me but go inside and hang it in her closet herself because:

- If you take the dress, somebody will call you on the phone as usual and you will just throw it somewhere and forget about it later and it needs to be hanged right away and you might stain it too (the speech was well rehearsed and the poor girl was speaking very fast with kinda crazy eyes)...

- OK, OK, just go and do what you want to do (I wouldn't have stopped her even if she said nothing, people come in and go out of our house a lot and both Helga and I often ask people to pick things up from or leave things at the house so I would have just assumed that), the closet you are looking for is in the room to the...

- I know where it is, I have visited Helga many times, you just weren't at home.

And off she ran. She stopped on her way back carrying some box:

- Helga asked me to pick up (super fast with crazy eyes again)...

- Oh yes, yes, OK, pick up what it is you need to pick up, it is fine and thank you.

- You are welcome.

And I think that's the dress from the fashion show (the brown one on the tall girl) the girl delivered, at least the colours were the same. And the short girl in grey in the photo designed and made the dress.

Good bye summer barefoot party

We are not done partying here, not remotely. It is a national holiday again here on 31 August. And it is the last day of summer of course so we might as well have a little party indeed. We had a great and very productive summer and we accomplished way more than our ambitious plans had in them at the beginning. It was hard work and we definitely earned a bit of fun.

The "dance floor" at the edge of the vineyard for Thursday is almost ready, the towers stand firm, the lights are working, the "Barefoot dancers only, please" signs are being painted.

And in September all the wine making and the new wine festivals start (a huge deal here, winemaking is the country's main thing). Now add the drinking culture that puts Moldova at number one in the world when it comes to alcohol consumption per head and pray for us here.


"After a dodder attaches itself to a plant, it wraps itself around it. If the host contains food beneficial to dodder, the dodder produces haustoria that insert themselves into the vascular system of the host. The original root of the dodder in the soil then dies."