August 28th, 2017

Keep your eyes open!

That's what they shouted at this guy. It was very bright and sunny and they dragged him out of the shadow where he was having drinks with his friends (and he looked like he had more than a couple by then) to take this photo with his wife.

The guy struggled to keep his eyes open because of the sun and they kept laughing and shouting at him and reshooting over and over until he just got annoyed went "Fuck this, that's enough" and stomped off to rejoin the little picnic he was having with his friends under a tree.

I got my answer

If you think that Helga let us come back from the all-night Independence Day party in the city without rescuing someone, you are wrong. I had to carry the box with these little bastards back to the village:

Someone threw them away near a major road and they were crying loudly and getting onto the busy road and under the cars' wheels. They were very hungry and they growled a lot while Helga fed them. They are also super dirty.

The little bastards do not like to be touched. Basically they only want to be given food and water and then they hide in their box and sleep.

You may remember that a couple of days ago I was wondering what was next (see here). I got my answer. And I will not ask anymore questions this time.