August 24th, 2017

Vegetarians, Vegans and Fruitarians

We welcome vegetarians and vegans as our volunteers, it is easy to cater to them here and we do. I also like them vegetarian and vegan folks almost as much as I like steak, they are usually nice. But sometimes they can be a tad annoying. Our new batch of volunteers that arrived yesterday had two vegan friends that are a bit like this:

The guys must be neophytes and still very excited about their veganism. They are very disapproving of us meat eaters and try to share "horrific facts about meat" with us all the time. It irritates many of our volunteers but it doesn't irritate me (in fact it makes my steak even tastier because I think I am a bit of dick deep inside) and I gladly listen to them.

We haven't had strict raw fruitarians yet but it would be super easy to accommodate them here during the summer months, there is food everywhere for them here and all kinds of it.