August 12th, 2017

No shoes, no news

Haven't been here for a week or so because we decided that we were missing the ocean a bit too much and we just threw some stuff into a bag and flew out in a couple of hours after we got that feeling (it is so awesome to have Elizabeth who I can dump all the work on to go away and have fun).

So this is the back of our backyard:

And because Helga went insane about the kid (to be honest I am a big fan of the little dude too now) we took him and his grandmother with us. I booked two villas next to each other, one for us and one for the grandmother and we share the kid as we did in the village.

Helga somehow convinced her to fly at no notice and she agreed but only after our Moldovan hosts agreed to look after her goats, her turkeys, her geese, her ducks, her chickens, her garden and her house and sat through a lecture on how to do it all correctly. I think she was very worried about the kid growing up without his parents and only with her and she values the time he has been spending with us and all the work Helga has been doing with the kid and how much he changed and she agreed to fly so that the kid does not miss out on seeing the sea for the first time (and on his daily reading and "lessons" with Helga).

She then got absolutely terrified after our plane took off (her first time flying) and was in a non-responsive state of shock praying constantly through the night with her eyes closed until we touched the ground. She pretty much remained in some kind of shock-like state even after we got off the plane because she has never been outside of Moldova (so her first time seeing the sea too) and this reef in the middle of the ocean looks so different from Moldova that she is still in awe that this is Earth as well and people actually live here somehow (and dark-skinned people they are too!).

She does not seem to be giving much damn about the beach, the pools, the restaurants and all the entertainment available for the guests here but she is super curious about stuff like where do they grow their food here (or get it from), where are their wells / springs, whether they have goats and what do they feed them, how they fish and how they cook their food, where does their rubbish go, do they get snow in winter, why there is no church anywhere, etc.

The kid was super excited about boarding the plane and flying though. We thought nothing could beat his fascination with everything with an engine and some wheels but it turned out that things with a couple of engines and some wings beat that. His absolute favourite part was when we went to one of the neighbouring resorts for lunch in a small sea plane. He liked that even a bit more than snorkelling.

We are having an awesome time "no shoes, no news" mode.