August 5th, 2017

Engaged at seventeen

The most beautiful Gypsy girl (not in any of the photos in this post) in the Roma community in one of "our" villages got engaged today. She is seventeen. The Roma women put on their best dresses and the whole thing was a huge deal and definitely an event that deserves a separate post later.

The Roma girls are not into subdued colours or a lot of grey. I know very little about fashion but my guess is that Armani would have a massive coronary just looking at this for more than two seconds.

The village was full of colour, singing, dancing and laughter today.

The groom brought a lot of presents for everyone from the bride's village. I got a super wide hand-made leather Gypsy belt and Helga got a huge shawl.

Basically we had a lot of this today here (this is a snippet from an old but still very much loved Moldovan movie by probably the most famous Moldovan director Emil Loteanu about a comparable event):

Whoever said that village life is boring clearly hasn't visited any of our villages. Something new is on everyday here and we often even dream about a bit of boring to sober up properly.