July 15th, 2017

I am a disappointment

The city beach in one of the nearby towns was quite busy even though it was an overcast day with a bit of rain every now and then.

Some tiny naked gypsy kids (those fellas start running around on their own very early) started running around me and even tried to climb up my legs stretching their arms towards me asking me to pick them up. The locals we were with were pissing themselves laughing. They told me that the kids were saying "You are so big! Take me and throw me into the water! Take me and throw me into the water!" (we were on a somewhat steep shore on the side were there weren't people swimming).

One of the local guys in our group: - Come on, throw them! See they are asking.
- What mate? I am not going to take some naked kids I have never seen before and toss them off a steep shore into the lake I know nothing about. Are you kidding me? What if it is too shallow here and they get injured? I mean, aren't they four years old? What if they drown? Are they alone here?
- They would not be asking you to throw them here if they did not know that it was OK and the depth was just right.
- They are four years old.
- They'll be fine. They are swimming alone here, yes and they know this lake and they won't drown. This is how they grow up. Look.

He took one of the naked little dudes and threw him into the lake to a complete delight of the kid and the rest of the crew who gave me "wow, aren't you a disappointment" look and switched to pestering the local guy.

Then an older gypsy guy came (he was about fifteen) and proceeded to throw all the little ones into the water in most unbelievable and unsafe ways, which made them all super happy. The kids have now also learned not to judge anyone by their looks. They got super excited about my height and then thoroughly disappointed almost right away by how useless I turned out to be to them despite of how promising it looked.