July 9th, 2017

Girl Power is Awesome

Oliver and Hrafnhildur spent a couple of days here with us. I asked them to fly over to meet/interview Elizabeth and they wanted to help/hang out with us for a couple of days too.

Oliver is a Brit and my co-founder at the firm we have now hired Elizabeth for.

Hrafnhildur is the managing partner of the firm these days (I am non-executive and Oliver spends one day a week on it now). Like Elizabeth, Hrafnhildur had more of her fair share of both bad luck and wrong choices very early on and was not that impressive on paper (and could not get past the CV stage at most places she deserved or could be excited to work for) but was super impressive in reality. I met her on a hiking trip and we hired her as a manager shortly afterwards. She put her all into the job, kicked some serious ass and upped our game significantly. So much so that Oliver and I eventually offered her full equity partnership to her great surprise. And if we thought she was impressive before, we had another thing coming. Once she truly felt that it was her firm, settled in for good and stopped worrying about things, she went nuclear on that ass kicking. We never regretted making her a partner and never looked back.

Oliver's "interview" with Elizabeth went as usual: it took about 30 minutes 35 minutes out of which he talked about himself and was very happy in the end. I don't think Elizabeth actually got to talk at that interview at all. Hrafnhildur's interviewing went as usual as well: it took 3 hours after which Elizabeth was exhausted and sweating but also excited, happy and super pumped ("OMG! Hrafnhildur though!" was her feedback to me.)

Now Oliver and I decided that we need to go to Italy for a couple of days "for meetings" (obviously). I offered Helga to go with us since we haven't travelled out of here in a while now but she was all "I don't know... I don't feel like leaving the kid because we planned to go to the town fun fair and..." an understanding and respectful man I am I was quick to go "Say no more! If you feel like staying then just do what you feel like! Oliver, it is just the two of us, mate, let's go asap". You see I am not one of those horrible men who do not hear women, try to pressure them into doing things, etc. I listen, I hear, I understand.

We also have a progress meeting at the ministry which Elizabeth will be doing alone now. Yes, there was some protesting from her but unlike some other horrible men who do not believe in women and are not doing their bit to empower them, I am all about women empowerment so I empowered Elizabeth to do my job alone while I will be in Italy having fun for important meetings.

And Hrafnhildur was on the phone almost constantly while here and had to fly back to Oslo early because she is going after a new huge client for us and the battle is about to get serious.

Unlike some other horrible patriarchal men I am all about women empowerment. And it is brilliant: Helga, whose decision I showed a lot of respect for, will be looking after the kid and the house here, Elizabeth, who I empowered, will be doing my job here and Hrafnhildur will be working 24 hours a day to make money for me while I will be in Italy with my mate. And I will not rest and will continue my women empowerment crusade in Italy too. It is beach season so I will support and admire liberated women being comfortable with their bodies and owning their sexuality (or whatever it is called or is that leaves them with the least amount of clothes possible on them).

Girl power and viva l'Italia!