July 4th, 2017

I am not letting her go

So today we hired Elizabeth (see here) to manage a project in Oslo for us after we are done here for the season. Even though she sucks at some things (see here).

After she is done here, she will go back home to the US for Christmas and New Year and to pack and will fly to Oslo late January to start in the beginning of February (plenty of time to sort out work permit, etc).

She has never been to Norway or Scandinavia before and seems very excited to move there for a while as well as about the package we offered to her, which compares very favourably to her current package here of course. I think she got accustomed to Moldovan cost of living and prices and does not fully realise yet that she will be going from the poorest and cheapest (or second cheapest) country in Europe straight to the richest and most expensive (or second most expensive) country in Europe.