July 1st, 2017

So lavender Fridays have now become a thing

So Helga suggested to the girls from the village to harvest some of this (see here) and set up a stand near the road where the traffic between the nearby town and the capital happens because a lot of people are going in both directions for the weekend.

So the girls filled their baskets and off they went:

And trade was brisk and made the girls very happy. One bunch like this was priced at about 20 cents (it is pretty thick, enough for the bottom of it to fill the palm of an average hand holding it as a bouquet):

Turned out that way more hipsters from the capital were using that road on Friday afternoon than anybody could have expected. The girls sold everything they had pretty quickly and will now be getting ready for the next Friday (with more stock than they had this time). And Helga now wants to make some home-made lavender, goat milk and forest herbs soap with the girls to expand their range for the next time so they will start trying this weekend using the local ingredients from the village and are hoping that they will be able to have the first batch ready for the next Friday.

And yes, we all still smell of lavender here at all times.

Girl power

Moldova strikes me as doing really well on girl power compared to what I could have expected. And it seems to be true on most levels, from family to government women seem to be quite empowered here for the poorest and least developed country in Europe.

Today the country's most prestigious technical university announced and honoured its top students for each of its ten departments. Apparently it is quite an event here because everything technical is very highly respected here from the Soviet times while, Business, Economics, Law, Media, etc is often viewed as kinda bullshit (and Science is way way cooler than Humanities).

Seven out of ten top achievers are girls and only three are boys.

Girls claimed the top spots in the following departments (I used GT to translate, so some sound awkward):

Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics
Electronics and Telecommunications
Construction, Geodesics and Cadastre
Technology of Food Processing
Textile and Polygraphy

The boys came at the top at the following three:

Mechanical, Industrial and Transport Engineering
Energy and Electrical Engineering
Economic and Business Engineering (apparently viewed as "Engineering Light" and very inferior to the the above two, so one goes here if he can't get anywhere else).

Give peace!

Nah, we don't feel like chilling in the lakes all day and want some action despite the heatwave so we are going to our neighbouring town first and then to the capital. The kid is already in the car (with his truck of course) and super excited. Because he decided that the trip was not going to be fun without him apparently. And forget about picking him up and carrying him to get anywhere faster, he is having none of that, he wants to walk and run everywhere himself (with a lot of diversions and stops along the way, basically for every turn, every kid, every shiny car, every ant or beetle and every street dog or cat). If I even try to pick him up I get "No! I'll walk!", so we are going to be moving around slowly this time.

It is amazing how quickly he picked up as much English from Helga as he has in slightly over a month. Just a while ago whenever I tried to pick him up it used to be "Dai pace!", which is pronounced as "day pache!" and means something like a very mild version of "leave me alone" (literally "give (me) peace") in Romanian.