June 6th, 2017

Beauty is in the...

There are couples where one of the partners is way out of the other's league looks wise (which in itself is not unusual and is perfectly normal of course) and the worse looking partner is below average but somehow is convinced that they are in the top 0.0001 percent of most beautiful people in the world, always a complete sensation wherever they go and therefore a great gift to their partner.

And their behaviour and conversations are ridiculously and almost completely based on this "super obvious" assumption. And the other (way more good looking partner) is somehow actively buying into this and themselves initiate and participate super enthusiastically in all that weird storytelling, which is all about how their partner just brings the traffic to a complete halt wherever they go and how they are super lucky to even be allowed to stand close to them (wtf?).

We just met a weird couple like this. Every story the woman told somehow culminated in how her unimaginable beauty (which is completely inexistent) apparently both caused a riot and solved everything. The man is super excited to contribute to those stories and can hardly contain himself. It was weird and hilarious.

I always wondered what's up with that.