June 3rd, 2017

The biggest problem with ageing

Is that people start mistaking you for an adult more and more I think. Some kind of above-the-world maturity is expected from people as years go by for some reason. I for example do not have it, not even a hint of it and so far there are no signs that I ever will.

We have an awesome grannie at the village where our project is based. While the other grannies spend most of their time all serious and "suitable for their age", she laughs until she cries at silly things at every opportunity. She laughs like a kid. And she is always the first to say something peppery and hilarious at the village meetings to bring the house down in laughter. And she picks on people too and makes fun of them. I also saw her slap and pinch her husband's ass (and she giggled like a teenager) when she thought nobody could see it.

She is often frowned at by the other grannies but she just makes fun of them and reminds them certain episodes from their common youth when they try to get all tough and serious on her and everyone ends up in a common fit of laughter ("Hahaha OMG! Lucia (pronounced "loo-chia" as in "chia seeds" with "loo" stressed), stop! Hahaha You are insane! Hahaha").

She is also super curious about everything and whenever something happens somewhere around the village and the kids and the teenagers are the first to run there, she often can be seen in their midst running there with them. The other grannies just shake their heads and go "She is mad, Lucia is. She always was." She bakes the best cookies in the village.