June 2nd, 2017

Five white cats

This is the village's family of white cats. The dad is resting on the grass in the background. The mother is in the bottom left corner with one of the kittens. And two other kittens are there next to that tree. All of them are completely white.

We took on so much this year that we are very busy at the moment. Did not have time for proper lunch today so this was our 'lunch':

These semi-wild cherries that the local kids picked for us are not much too look at and are different from Moldova's trademark huge, deep ruby ones, which will be in full swing next week but they are very tasty nonetheless. And they are also free here.

The Prodigy

Our whole team is going to Chisinau (Moldova's capital) tomorrow because The Prodigy will be performing at the central square. Moldovans like to invite singing grannies from the 70s (see here).

I could not care less about the concert (never did about any of them) but all the drinking, etc around it should be fun, Moldovans know how to party. We also are going to have group dinner in Chisinau (they have a number of surprisingly good restaurants). So we will have to shed our old shorts and t-shirts for a day and put the fancy stuff on. Moldovans pay a lot of attention to clothes, hair and make up when they go out. A lot. Elizabeth was thinking out loud that she didn't have any shoes to go with anything that is not an old pair of jeans or shorts and a local girl offered to lend her a new pair of shoes. Those were black shoes with super high heels, small platform and Swarovski crystals (almost a must here and a Moldovan woman will not be seen without them at an even like this). When Elizabeth saw them she went "Oh. My. God." And I just laughed out loud. She got pissed at me:

- You are so sure that I can't pull these off, aren't you?

- Yes, I don't think you can. Not without being a hazard to yourself and those around you.

- Well I am going to rock them. Thank you very much, Snejana (the shoes' owner), I love these. I promise to be super careful with them.

Now I will ensure that we park quite a bit away from the restaurant and take a long brisk walk through Chisinau's wonderful badly lit cobblestone streets of course. This is going to be awesome. But seriously, those kind of shoes for a concert at a city square? Oh boy, why? Local girls are all doing it though.