May 28th, 2017


We are very busy here setting things up. I could not be happier that Elizabeth (this woman) joined us this year, she is so good that I reshaped our project management structure around her. I also asked her to take a paid longer-term role instead of the volunteer position she joined us for because I want her to take on way more than would be normal for a volunteer position with us. She agreed and will be running a lot of things that I ran last year and will be joining me for all the meetings at the ministries where we will be pushing for bigger things.

Oh man, America is far from screwed if it still produces such extra fine women who can jump off a plane into a swamp in the middle of nowhere, hit the ground running on day zero, roll their sleeves up and sort out all kinds of shit and unite and lead heaps of very different people around them at their own initiative. And everyone likes her. And I like her more than everyone else because she is better than I am at so much of this stuff and this means that this year is likely to be even better for us than the last one was.

I am supper chuffed.