May 25th, 2017

White boy problems kind of place?

Wow, it has been busy here while I flew to Moldova (till Tuesday to set up the project management structure) and was off LJ for a day. Awesome. I saw a lot of responses (but did not read all of them yet unfortunately) to my previous entry including some questions for me and I will respond to all of those comments within a couple of days, my friends.

For now I have some white boy problems, so naturally everything else has to take a back seat for today to focus on those. Plus, I do not want to respond to those comments on the go and English is not coming easy to me tonight too. But not to leave those who disagreed with me in some way there hanging for too long, you are obviously very wrong and I will just have to read your comments and figure out how exactly you are wrong and pull you out of that darkness (obviously).

Now back to those white boy problems. You might remember that I bought three houses in the village in Moldova last year (they are dirt cheap and some might even cost around one year of council tax on a property in London): one of them became a community centre for the village where our project is based (after we renovated it), the second one is being renovated as our private holiday property for us to stay at if we decide to spend some time there and the third one I bought kinda out of spite / not to let annoying American missionaries buy it and set up camp in the village in a strategic location on the way to the local monastery to intercept naive locals and lure them into the dark web of America's mega churches (they don't like me, those missionaries).

I think I posted separate entries with some pictures on all three and I was told that it was good manners on LJ to provide the links to the things one mentions if you posted entries on them in the past. I normally try to do it but I don't have the time to find them now so screw manners obviously.

So, yesterday we looked at another house we wanted to buy. This is not an investment (nor a meaningful expense). I think one would be better off investing in some of those "future real estate on Mars" certificates on the internet then in real estate in Moldova. The house is in a very beautiful place, it was built in the beginning of 20th century and it comes with a lot of land and a beautiful park with a lot of rare and majestic trees. Here is the house from the side:

It is currently empty, has been for a while and is in a bad state. Even though it is not "my kinda place", it doesn't really have to be (no house in a Moldovan village would be) and we liked it a lot. The "agent" who showed the house to us today let us in, we looked at the floor and saw a lot (I mean really a lot) of these:

Collapse )

Yes, I have now taken a picture of old used condoms (and made you look at it), that line has been crossed so moving on. While this seemed to truly have horrified one of us to the extent that surprised me, I have to be honest and admit to the first thought of "OK, I was wrong, this definitely is my kind of place". The "agent" looked all apologetic and mumbled "The youth...teenagers...they are just so difficult to control...". I remembered those countless property shows back in London where people stressed the importance of first impressions and agonised over getting the lighting just right and the flower arrangements of just the right colour to go with the curtains for the viewings. Moldovans don't sweat it. If the floor is covered in used condoms, having them swept away before the viewings does not cross anyone's mind really, it's just life as it is, in all it's beauty, no need to hide it.

Obviously, if we buy the place we are going to strip it to the bare bones given the state that it is in and remove what's left of those floors probably together with a generous layer of soil underneath. And yet, those old-condom-covered floors somehow seem to be really hard to get over for one of us. I don't get it. So a lot of young love and (I hope) good fucking happened in that place. If one is into all that "energy and vibes" stuff, then isn't it as good an "energy and vibe" as it gets? The house is really old, a lot of (very good I hope) banging happened in it anyway. Plus, if one was into all that karma stuff (and unfortunately I am really not as you know) then I think that given my late teens it would be only natural that I would end up paying for this jumbo young love condom clean up because many probably very pissed off people had to deal with quite a few of my "young love" used condoms left carelessly in most unexpected places. So it might just complete this karmic used condoms "circle of love".

So what do you think people? Is it an issue that for years a lot of forbidden young love fucking of a couple of nearby villages happened it that place? Knowing the neighbourhood, it is certain that it wasn't used as some hobo whore house by some drug addicts or something. It was used by the teens from some of the neighbouring villages though for "forbidden love". A lot. Will it be weird to have some of those teens for dinner in that house when they grow up? Would the house get something like "fuckhouse" for a nickname? Would it be bad if it did? What would they call us, the fuckhouse owners/dwellers? Obviously we do not expect to spend that much time there but still.

Any thoughts, guys?

We don't have all day

The volunteers who will be doing project management and liaison with the local ministries started arriving and we are busy setting things up and having introduction meetings. We spent pretty much all day in long meetings in one of the towns in the north of the country and I had only a minute to take a couple of pictures there on the way to the car.

This gang was waiting for a minibus in the centre of the city, they looked happy and excited to be going wherever they were going. Note the little bastard on the left looking over his shoulder, there was a girl about three times his age in a very short skirt where he was looking. Unfortunately, it was not possible to shoot a photo with both of them in it from where I was standing.

Is that minibus coming, we don't have all day: