May 17th, 2017

I am a victim of Russian anti-LGBT censorship on LJ

LJ does not allow me to post pictures, they get uploaded but I cannot insert them, the button appears deactivated.

Interestingly, the last picture I posted was of a kid at London LGBT Pride. So now I am in a hurry to claim that I am a victim of evil Russian censorship and their "no LGBT propaganda to minors" laws. Yes, I know that it doesn't make much sense since LJ did not even delete (or asked me to do so) that picture of a kid at London Pride (and other users are probably affected by those technical problems) but this is my best shot at being a victim (and a hero, etc., ok, stop, you guys!) in a while so I am using it anyway.

And obviously with a superhero like me the LGBT community has nothing to worry about here on LJ or anywhere else. Putin, here I come!

#willnotbesilenced #PutinhereIcome #resist