May 15th, 2017


Bad news, folks:

This just makes everything complicated now, doesn't it? So how one is supposed to feel about an occasional jerk off now? Is it sex before marriage? Is one living in (more of a) sin doing it? Can you just do it or do you need to take yourself on a date first? How can you be sure you have your clear and explicit consent? What if you are in an exclusive relationship and your partner is away? Is it cheating with yourself? Does it mean you started something on the side (and something that might result in marriage)?

Also, ask yourself why you have been with yourself for all those years and haven't even proposed to yourself? Why are you dragging your feet, people? Are you not serious about yourselves? Also, if you marry yourself and someone comes along will you need to divorce yourself? Can you take yourself to court and split the house in two parts? Cheating would be an experience too, you know with your spouse there, watching. The world is getting complex.

Also, "sologamy". I wonder what is wrong with the good old "lunacy" (or with being single or not bloody married for that matter).