May 14th, 2017


We just left but are already bombarded with emails from excited Moldovans because apparently Moldova came third in the Eurovision context.

I never watched it and the only time I usually hear about it is from some Brits on TV here in London having a laugh how the UK always comes last and how it is a badge of honour and how Europe as usual does not get that the UK just trolls them as it always does.

So here is Moldova's song (I could only do 30 secs of this, I thought it was boring and crap but then I am not into music in general):

Tabloids and royals: a match made in heaven

Gotta love the tabloids.

So the main thing at Norway's King's and Queen's bash turned out to be Desiree Kogevinas's nipples. Well, the woman was cold, look at all those other people around her in fur coats (btw, what is Monica from "Friends" doing there on the left in that fur coat?). Desiree has this great "I am the coolest here, innit." look on her face and I like how Victoria of Sweden is giving her that awesome "Bitch, please. Are you going to be a Queen though? You are not even going to be a queen, innit." look. And Carl Philip and Sofia on the left look like he nailed the babysitter again and she is going Hillary Clinton on him.

Here is Victoria's stare of death up close:

And that horified look on the face of Carlos Eugster just behind Desiree suggests that she might have an Ozzy Osbourn tattoo on her shoulder too.

I also liked this photo of Maxima of the Netherlands and Henri of Luxembourg. Maxima looks so over it and in her head she seems to be going "Please shut up...please shut up...please shut the fuck up, I am the Queen of fucking Netherlands, I don't have to put up with this shit":

If I were a modern royal, I would abdicate, take the money my ancestors left me and live a normal life trying to do something good and meaningful (or not) the way I see fit and the way it makes sense to me (and perhaps it could become a new and meaningful tradition for royals after me). I would not want to bring down the legacy of my ancestors who truly ruled the world and won real battles and signed peace treaties, etc by being just a meaningless prop to be there to "open hospitals" for cameras and dress up for tabloids (and have to live a severely restricted life too). What's gone is gone and one has to move on.

But let's have another picture here, this one is good:

Desiree is going "Hooo, here go those nipples, oh, man I am feeling naughty"and Carl Philip of Sweden (to her left) is like "I am here for this". And that evil look on Prince Daniel's (first form the right) face is so good. It is not hard to see that he is thinking "Soon. Soon vee veel rool ze verld vuns again! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha!". No, you won't, mate.

Ok, let's do more. I like how the Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg looked like she was selling fish and chips in Croydon an hour before the ball:

I like how Carl Philip has this "nailed her" look on his face most of the times. High five!

Oh and I met this guy in person a couple of weeks ago (see here) and Mary of Denmark, who is with him here also visited Moldova but last year (see here):

And to finish this off, this threesome looks like a naughty wife with an uptight OCD husband and a lover who does all the fun work in bed while the husband goes through the seventh round of scrubbing the bathroom: