May 7th, 2017

Elections are not fun anymore

The elections seem to be getting depressing all over the world. After Hillary and Trump in the US, France now will have to choose from what I think is an awful pair of candidates too. And of course Russia will remain the cherry on top of this election cake with its people likely having to choose between Putin and more Putin for eternity. And then we might be in for some really scary stuff: Hillary might run again.

Elections used to be fun, it used to be very likely that one would be supporting one of the candidates (sometimes even passionately), not be repulsed and depressed by all of them.

10km winners

10km trial run of Balti (Moldova) half marathon winners. The boy in the third place was still quite a bit faster than the girl in the first spot so I am not sure if marathons aren't sexist and designed to oppress women.

Herbalife was one of the main sponsors, it is huge in Moldova. Its huge glass office in the centre of the capital right across the road from the Romanian consulate is bigger than the offices of many banks there.

Duck rescue

This little fella got caught in a fishing line and could not get out and go home with the rest of the gang.

However when the gang got home they would not stop squawking, making noise going around their owner in circles to let him know that something was not right. The owner counted them, realised than one was missing and went to the river. So help was on the way.

Here we go.

It took a while but almost done.

Freedom! The little fella was running fast to rejoin the gang at home for the night.