May 6th, 2017

So I met a prince

Albeit only briefly.

His Serene Highness the Prince Albert II of Monaco visited Moldova and I met him very briefly at one of the events. The prince has great plans to back a bunch of environmental, reforestation and conservation projects in Moldova and will be financing a 50 hectares reforestation project near Orhei (this is the town which is lucky to have both the Acropolis and Versailles right next each other, see here) to start with. Well done, dude.

He still cannot compare to Romania's and Moldova's favourite prince, which is Prince Charles (the Brits are stealing all the love again as usual!). Prince Charles is a great fan of Transylvania. He owns a lot of properties there (we will be staying at his main one for a couple of days later this summer, he rents it out when he is away via the local Count Kalnoky, who manages it for him) and spends there at least a couple of weeks every year (William and Harry visit too). He also established The Prince of Wales's Foundation there and backed and did some really great projects in Transylvania.

We were told that when a bunch of Romania's corrupt MPs were bribed by some US company that wanted to get a permit to ruin a part of the natural reserve next to the Bran Castle (aka Dracula Castle) to build a giant tacky plastic Dracula theme park there, it was the Princes's indignant letter and his chats with a bunch of Romanian MPs that apparently tipped the scales and saved Bran from this awful fate. I generally do not care about royals at all but I became Charles's fan since I was told about this (even though it might be just a legend and not true) and about some other work he did in Transylvania.

Btw, Prince Charles visited Transylvania (official visit this time) just a month ago:

Update: Thanks to getodakiika, the woman next to Prince Charles in the above photo has been identified as Princess Margareta of Romania, the daughter of Queen Anne of Romania (passed away last year) and therefore granddaughter of Princess Margaret of Denmark (the mother of Queen Anne of Romania).

They love him there (but it is not exclusively celebrity bullshit and hysteria, he really has been doing and supporting some great work there):