May 5th, 2017

Even if you are about to crash into a couple of pedestrians

You might remember that one can't help it even if one is a dad on duty (see here) or a monk on duty (see here).

Turns out it is also true for cyclists even if they are about to crash into a couple of pedestrians, which this old geezer did (ok, almost did) three seconds after this shot.

In Niš (the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman Emperor and the founder of Constantinople as well as Constantius III and Justin I btw), Serbia.

Brentrance: when the Brits wanted to get in

A couple of Britons in London in 1972.

They wanted to get in to get on. The getting on part worked for a while but it doesn't seem to anymore and to keep it working they've got to get out. So the "we've got to get in to get on" in 1972 changed to "we've got to get out to get on" by 2016.

The UK joined the EU in 1973 together with Denmark. The two countries remained probably the most sceptical members of the Union and both did not joined the Euro, the UK kept the pound and Denmark the krone.