May 1st, 2017

HRH the Princess of America

So the US president's assistant (and by pure chance his daughter) models in ads for the president's new tower in Manila (and you can even marvel at those "crown" jewels from her collection) while (pure coincidence again) the Philippines' (shall we say...controversial?) president Duterte gets a surprise invite to the White House. And an envoy for Duterte is the chairman of the tower's development company apparently (this world is so full of coincidences).

It is actually nice to see that the US is showing signs of turning into a monarchy (and it is not only Trump) with a bunch of "royal" families pretty much fighting it out for the top spot. My father is from a kingdom, my mother is from another kingdom, I grew up in a kingdom and I live in another kingdom and it is nice to see that the US after trying their best to make the non-kingodm shit work gave up and realised that monarchy is the only way to go (with the democratic process becoming the new ceremonial ritual, although with us it is kind of the other way around). Reassuring to know that we are not missing anything here.

And yeah, I think they will manage to make Chelsea Clinton a thing in the US in the end. Even if Bill and Hillary had a stillborn, he or she would still end up running for office and making it. And Chelsea still is one (albeit very tiny) step up from that scenario. Btw, who are the new hot faces from the Bushes these days?