April 29th, 2017

I like people who don't give up even when they clearly don't stand a chance

One of our volunteers challenged me to a tennis match last year and lost big time.

This year he is coming back to volunteer with us again and he couldn't stop bragging how he was a much better player now and how I did not stand a chance against him this year.

Obviously I accepted the challenge and we are going to play this year too and I am going to destroy the little bitch again clearly.

This is the club in the centre of Brasov we played at last year and this is where we will play this year too.

A nice Transylvanian dinner with wine at one of Brasov's top restaurants paid by him (the loser pays for the dinner) for the whole gang of our volunteers who will decide to join us on that trip to Brasov (and that will be a big gang) will follow. Can't wait.