April 21st, 2017

Window shopping in Ouranoupolis

The main street of Ouranoupolis (one of two gateways to Mount Athos) looked a little bit like Bond or Sloane Street for priests:

I was there late at night but I wondered if the street was teeming with window shopping Orthodox priests and monks during the day.

- What do you think about this green one?
- Oh I really like it.
- I wonder if they have it in my size.

PS: I am considering visiting Mount Athos for the second time this May if they will issue a permit for me, which is not very likely given that I am not Orthodox (or religious) and only 10 permits for non-Orthodox visitors are issued a day (each for a three nights stay) and second time non-orthodox visitors are not often allowed back in.

Disastrous news

from Moldova: never seen before weather anomaly means that it will be a disastrous year for the village. A lot of crops are destroyed, some orchards are partially destroyed.

Apple tree:


Peach tree:

The trees already have leaves on them (it was up to 23C (73.5F) last week) and many break under the weight of the snow:

This is going to be a tough year for the villagers to pull through. We will be helping them too.