April 15th, 2017

Why I won’t date hot women anymore

Usually things that start as bad as this article are not worth reading till the end because they won't get worse than they started. This one is different, it starts bad and then just keeps giving and gets worse.

Also, I am predicting a second part in this series. So the first one was on why they would no longer date and marry hotties "Why I won’t date hot women anymore". Part two will be "Why I will still cheat with and bang hotties though".


Mrs Hally Meehan from United States of America needs help

So I got this:

My dear friend,

My name is Mrs Hally Meehan from United states of America, work with the American embassy in Lome Togo this is a confidential mail and i want you to handle this divine work as i give details on why i have to hand over this to you. I have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It has defied all forms of medical treatment, and Right now.

I have only few months to live according to my doctor and I want to donate my late husband funds valued Three million five hundred thousand dollars (3.5 million dollars) to you for help of the needy and charity work because i do not have any subsidiary as my promise to late husband and God. I have set aside 40% for you and your family.

I will give you more details on how to get the fund. as soon as you reply .

Remain Blessed

Tempted to do this. Spam is so boring these days, it used to be way more creative and interesting 5 years ago.