April 13th, 2017

Find the dragon, earn five bucks

So there is a dragon in my coffee again. A couple of weeks ago I posted (here) the entry copied below, but to the disappointment of my LJ friends and I, it turned out that my friend list was not enough to identify the painting.

I cannot let it go though, so I am posting it again and this time will keep it at the top of LJ home page for a couple of hours to get more people to see it and possibly contribute to the search.

In addition, I will transfer 500 LJ tokens to the user who first correctly identifies the painting for us in the comments to this post. That's a whopping 5 US dollars, people, which can be used towards a paid account, storage, promoting your posts, userpics or anything else in LJ shop). I wonder if LJ will soon stop selling their tokens in USD and start selling them in roubles only now that they are full on Russian. Those oligarchs might try to convert their shady money into USD and move them abroad via LJ tokens, you never know. That would be a pretty cool money laundering scheme.

But back to our dragon, you can see how far we could get the last time in the comments to the original post here.

Let's find that dragon. If a five bucks bounty on his head is not going to get him for us, I don't know what will. At least we will know that we did everything we could.

Original post:

There is a dragon in my coffee

One of my Russian LJ friends posted this. Apparently the caption says "Excuse me, there is a dragon in my coffee, could you please replace it."

What I am trying to figure out is what painting is this fragment from. Do you guys happen to know?