April 11th, 2017

Dogs vs Cats

While these dogs were standing on this wet and muddy pavement under the rain in front of the central market of the town of Balti (pronounced "belts") in Moldova waiting for the people coming out of the market to give them treats:

This cat was much more comfortable watching them from just meters away. He was clean and sitting comfortably on "dry land" under the roof protected from the rain and the wind and even seemed to have his own business going:

"Guys, do we have this red one in XXXL there? This woman here is asking for one in L but she is obviously deluded.":

Finally make up that even I can see is cool

I think make up remained relatively boring and not very creative over the last couple of centuries but this woman is finally taking it up a notch. These are apparently real unretouched photos. The fist kiss might get awkward with some of these I guess. And maintaining eye contact would be a bitch.