April 9th, 2017

This niche is getting crowded

You may remember that I completely rebranded myself recently (see here) and am now known as stuff doer or simply doer.

Obviously not even a week after this revolutionary rebranding exercise I found this among the spam that I got in the last couple of days:

Another doer! And he is ahead of me, he has already built his doer business somewhere while I am still just a doer without any doer business up and running. And "In doers we trust" is now even used as a slogan.

Things are moving fast in the "cool world" and there is no time to procrastinate, one has to change and evolve constantly to remain cool and original. I feel like "doer" is not cool anymore. Everyone knows that the rule of thumb is "If it started to appear in the subject lines of your spam, it cannot be cool anymore."

Clearly, I need to rebrand myself again urgently. Ideas are much appreciated. I am foreseeing possible questions about what I actually do. The answer is absolutely nothing obviously. If I did something I would not need branding that much, my work would do my branding for me. But I don't think that actually doing something you can explain can be cool in the cool new media world. It is kinda too basic and simple and too 20th century to be cool. I need something that could make people feel that beautiful mixture of confusion, curiosity and realisation of and embarrassment about their own ignorance an out-of-dateness when they hear it.

Dick maketh the man

This is at the Acropolis Museum in Athens:

So basically they found a dick and pretty much added a man to it. Well, you don't want to waste a perfectly good dick I guess.

I wonder if it could be sexist that this beautiful woman, who was much better preserved still remains armless in Paris while if they find as much as a dick in Athens they are quick to reconstruct the whole man around it.

Shall we #boycottAcropolisMuseum?