April 6th, 2017

Brits: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So we did the Americans first (click here to go to that post) and I thought it was really interesting (but boy, were they down on themselves).

I think time has come to do the Brits. Now, I have to confess that they are my favourite, so much so that I chose to live among them even though I remained decidedly non-British in everything I do but it is not a problem with the Brits at all (or maybe it is but they are afraid to say, I am 6'7" after all but either way it works well for me). For example, I never say "arse", it is always "an ass". Also, nothing is ever ghastly as far as I am concerned. So, let's just jump straight into it:

What do you generally think or like and don't like about the Brits?

For example (these are just examples, not my real points):

"I like their sense of humour (British humour is the best), their tolerance of eccentricity and how skilled they are at blasting out profanities with casual abandon (compared to Americans)."


"I do not like their wooden teeth and their Queen's accent, it is lame."

Tell all. You can let the most outrageous stereotypes run free, it is a safe space for that here. And please do not be discouraged from pitching in if you have never met a Brit. This is not a valid reason not to bitch about them and you still probably have an opinion about them based on cheap stereotypes and whatever else. Please, throw those in, they are fun.

The Brits are strongly encouraged to pitch in too obviously, just like the Americans did (just mention that you are one please).

For those who want to educate me on how bigoted this exercise is, don't bother. But I hope most of you know by now that I do not give a fuck (in this case mostly because it isn't bigoted).

PS: Like I did with the Americans, I might keep this post at the top of the front page for a couple of hours to get more people to contribute, I do not have enough people on my friend list for a proper "bitch fest" that the Brits surely deserve.