April 4th, 2017

Make me beautiful

Last year in Romania we happened to see one of Romania's big stars, singer Loredana Groza getting out of a hotel. Unfortunately, I didn't have either my camera or my phone with me at that moment but she was photographed by a bunch of other people there including some paps. She looked like this:

She turned out to be very popular in both Romania and neighbouring Moldova (most Moldovans are ethnic Romanians) and we saw a lot of her in magazines and on TV during our long stay there. Girls want to be like her, etc. And she looked like this:

And like this:

Sometimes like this:

Romanians are not shy with photoshop, almost photoshoping one's nose away is not seen as a huge sacrifice in pursuit of beauty:

And by the way, here is young Loredana, before she became a star: