April 2nd, 2017

Russians on a boat

Two Russian guys on the boat from Ouranoupoli to Mount Athos, Orthodox Christianity's holiest place (except for the places they share with other denominations like all the holy places in Jerusalem).

I thought black-and-white suited the Russians. By the way only the Greeks beat the Russians on numbers of visitors to Mount Athos, which makes sense because Russia has more Orthodox Christians than any other country in the world but Mount Athos is still in Greece (and Russians need visas to visit Greece) and it is easier for the Greeks to get the diamonitirion (the permit to visit the monastic state), which is issued usually for a three nights stay to up to one hundred visitors a day, only up to ten of which can be not Orthodox Christians. I visited the place as one of those ten a day. It was an awesome place to visit and a very unusual experience.

I have rebranded myself and now I am cool

In the last couple of days I met a bunch of cool people who made me feel really old and behind the curve even though I am thirty (and therefore just middle-aged now) and am often told that my personal maturity...lags behind quite a bit (let me put it this way). And some of these cool people actually were even older than I am.

It started with this person. And then yesterday I met someone who introduced herself as "an influencer". For those who are as old as I am, in a nutshell that apparently means that she gets many likes on her selfies on Instagram and often posts lip gloss adverts there. A job is a job, I am just so confused by the names they give to all these new jobs, they seem a bit grandiose and unnecessarily non-specific to the poor old me.

Then the guy who was with the influencer introduced himself as "creator". OK, that made an impression on me (and I remembered that a couple of seconds prior I thought that "influencer" was grandiose), I even had to go "Sorry, come again". I am not religious but for a second I thought he meant "the Creator" and all kinds of strange thoughts rushed through my head for a split second (and that also was very much not how I could have imagined an encounter with the Creator would have felt like). But luckily he turned out to be just a creator. What exactly that means I am still not entirely sure except that a creator is someone who is creative and who creates creative stuff but usually nothing you can touch or explain easily and quickly to other people who are not creators themselves and I am definitely not one.

The third guy introduced himself as "content creator". So I immediately thought "Ah, so he is like that previous guy but a bit more limited as he can only create "content" whereas the first guy's creative powers where not limited to content only." It felt nice to be able to use my recent experience to make sense of the new phenomena life threw at me but I quickly realised that it didn't really help me make sense of what this guy meant. And it remained unclear whether that meant that he was a writer, an editor, a photographer, an illustrator, a musician, a video maker, an actor, a model or a combination of any of those, those just were my guesses and it didn't seem he was any of those, it was something else. Also, I suspected that suggesting that he was any of those could have resulted in him taking offence for "being pigeonholed" (my limited previous experience again). I did not ask these guys about their jobs actually, they volunteered all that info and it made the insecure me feel old and irrelevant.

So as a result of these encounters with all these cool people I decided to completely rebrand myself to become cool and up-to-date. From now on I want to be known as "stuff doer" i.e. someone who does stuff. Native speakers, please do let me know if you think "doer of stuff" sounds better and cooler, I do not have enough of a feel for the language to figure it out.

For example:

"Hi, I am Bjorn. I am a stuff doer. A doer of stuff. I do stuff and, oh boy, does that stuff get done by me!".


- So what do you do, Bjorn?
- Stuff. I am a stuff doer. A doer of stuff.

I think it's pretty cool. And it reduces the risk of people pigeonholing me very nicely. What do you think, guys?

Update: One of my readers sent this to me.

- What is it?
- It's a concept, a philosophy, a destination.
- Oh, it's a shop!
- Yes, it's a shop.