March 29th, 2017

Favourite food

I had to list my top five favourite types of food today and this was the first time I thought about it. I am not a foodie and the beauty of fine dining and high cuisine is mostly lost on me (Noma with its microscopic portions of virgin pigeon liver foam on the bed of Icelandic moss marinated in unicorn tears and elves' piss does nothing for me).

I need a lot of food though due to my height and hyperactivity and I enjoy food a lot. But only eating it when I am hungry. I see no point in talking about food (unless food is what you do) or watching other people cook (I can't cook and do not like cooking) or taste food or buy the ingredients, etc. For me it is only about eating when hungry and I generally get an equal amount of satisfaction from a BK whopper, a steak at Wolfgang Puck's Cut at Marina Bay, a nice meal at Ise Sueyoshi or The Ledbury or a buttered loaf of bread and a peeled onion with salt (we had it for lunch in Moldova sometimes when working in the woods because that's what the locals had, it was very good). I'll eat when I am hungry, I'll enjoy it a lot (but I won't notice "the contrast of textures" and "subtle hints of earthy flavours", etc) and I will forget about it. I also almost never get cravings for specific types of food, it does happen but very rarely.

But anyway, here are my top five favourite types of food:

1. Meat
2. Chilli peppers
3. Eggs
4. Butter
5. Fish

I do like vegetables a lot too and have a lot of them daily but they didn't make it into my top five.