March 28th, 2017

Coklat love habibi

This spam email that offered me "Coklat love habibi" got me intrigued and now I just must know what "Coklat love habibi" is. It looks like this:

Google Translate identified the language as Arabic but the best translation I could get so far was "Formed my beloved roll", which is not completely out of tune with the image but doesn't help much with solving the mystery. The riddle of coklat love habibi must be solved. Thoughts, guys?

Update: So a quick search and some Google Translate and it is:

"The content of herbs: pepper bitter, tongkat ali black, eyes badgers crown god, eel, sarsi, honey and herbs lain2.

Intended for women and men who take care of the body so as kudap2 always healthy substitutes.
Among khasiatnnya:

• Flatulence
• urination and large
• Improve blood circulation
• Increase libido
• Revitalize the body
• Eliminate body sakit2
• Washable body shapekan

All the above problems can be treated with only one product:


Nape, I believe? Never have to try new effectiveness. This is not empty talk.'

This is not empty talk? Oh ok then because I already started thinking that it might have been but if it's not then it is a totally different game. And how can anything that has "eyes badgers crown god" in it be empty talk anyway? Yay, Coklat love habibi!