March 5th, 2017

So the beach is packed as usual

Which kinda sucks because with all that newly found ass confidence, there isn't even anyone to pull my shorts down for (although, perhaps this is for the best). Well, it is back to pretending to be Robinson Crusoe I guess.

PS: I think I really have to stop thinking and talking about my ass sometime very soon (and definitely before I need a separate tag for it).

Now I need one of these

So I was researching Yekaterinburg in Russia, which we plan to visit later this year and found that some guys there make these:

Obviously, now I need one. If you have to ask why, you won't get it anyway. Everyone needs (at least) one of these clearly.

Update: This is thanks to randomdreams who got it exactly right and obviously knows very well how this works:

Bloody hipsters

So these days before kicking the ball around guys carefully check all the best phone camera angles to ensure they can get all of that ball kicking on Instagram in the best way possible.

I bet they will be discussing what Instagram filters work best with those photos with a beer after that game.

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