March 3rd, 2017

I did the impossible

I haven't watched Donald Trump's joint session speech yet and haven't read any opinion pieces on it either.

Feels both scary and liberating at the same time, like skydiving for the first time. I wonder, will the world keep spinning without my opinion and feelings about that speech? I know I am putting all of you, fellow Earth dwellers at quite a bit of risk, but I am going to continue this brave experiment and give it at least another day.

#resist or #MAGA (pick whichever works for you and do not forget a red hat, either a MAGA hat or a pussy hat, hats are everything).

I showed a picture of my ass to someone today

I was showing a picture of my ass to someone today...yeah, this sentence probably won't work. Anyway, there is a picture of me on flickr where I am at the beach in Singapore with my swimming shorts pulled down completely at the back and my ass out (my face is visible from the side too). Some bastard caught me and posted it on flickr. I have a lot of respect for the guy actually, he is a good hunter because that shorts down situation lasted for a mere millisecond and he still got it.

So I was showing it to someone for a laugh today and discovered that there were quite a lot of comments under that photo already. And that was the start of my descend. I did go through the comments. Pretty much all of them were from gay guys and all of them were complementary, there were no critical comments at all (yes, I noted that but it gets worse).

Previously, I thought that what other men were thinking about my ass was quite unimportant to me but I did get an ego boost (and learned something new about myself I guess). But that's not the end. Because all of the comments were positive, I went to some other photos of guys' asses (yep, I did) by the same photographer and checked the comments under those photos to see whether they also were all positive like mine or not. Yes, I compared some guys' comments about my ass to the comments about some other guys' asses on flickr. I am a grown up (or so I thought) straight man.

And by the way, all the comments on those other guys' asses were positive as well just like mine. I was surprised how well-mannered gay guys were when it came to commenting on strangers' asses even with all the anonymity the internet can provide. It made me wonder if it was generally accepted among the gay guys that when it comes to commenting on someone's ass you have to be nice or stay silent.