February 24th, 2017

First blasphemy charge since 1971

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A Danish prosecutor says a 42-year-old man in northern Denmark has been charged with blasphemy for allegedly burning the Quran and posting a video of it on Facebook.

Jan Reckendorff says it was the first time since 1971 that a person was charged for “publicly mocking a religious community’s religious doctrines or worship,” adding it is punishable by imprisonment for up to four months or fine.

Reckendorff said Wednesday the man, who wasn’t identified, burned the Quran in his backyard and posted the video Dec. 27, 2015 on an anti-Muslim Facebook page.

No date for a trial was set.


You are a little person, but a considerable cat's-paw

It is hilarious how the same event will be spun completely but very predictably differently in different media depending on media outlet's affiliation. You don't even have to read "the news" anymore. Like that British jihadi who was released from Gitmo and blew himself up in Iraq obviously proved beyond any doubt that (pick any of the following depending on your views):

(a) Gitmo is great and we need more of it to prevent horrible jihadis from doing this in the future as we could have done in this case; or

(b) Gitmo is horrible and we need to get rid of it not to radicalise innocent and sensitive muslims and turn them into jihadis, like we obviously did in this case.

Bits and pieces from Hazlitt's letter to Gifford often come to mind when I read the media these days, like this one:

The mob of well-dressed readers who consult the Quarterly Review know that there is no offence in it. They put faith in it because they are aware that it is "false and hollow, but will please the ear;" that it will tell them nothing but what they would wish to believe. Your reasoning comes under the head of Court-news; your taste is a standard of the prevailing ton in certain circles, like Ackerman's dresses for May.

That letter is worth reading by the way, the man could bitch (some popcorn might go well with it). It must be fascinating to receive a letter that explains to you so throughly and eloquently what a pathetic little bitch you are in "mere" 84 pages. This is how it starts by the way:

SIR, You have an ugly trick of saying what is not true of any one you do not like; and it will be the object of this letter to cure you of it. You say what you please of others: it is time you were told what you are. In doing this, give me leave to borrow the familiarity of your style: for the fidelity of the picture I shall be answerable.

You are a little person, but a considerable cat's-paw; and so far worthy of notice.

I told you you might need some popcorn to go with that.