January 17th, 2017

What to Do About 'Fake News'?

What do you think about the introduction of filtering technology for online content to curb 'Fake News' on social media?

Will it be great and help prevent "hate" like someone disagreeing with your point of view from spreading? Or will it be bad and just prevent all those "real and scientific" Chinese studies that "prove beyond any doubt that global warming is a myth" from reaching the wide audience they deserve? Have your say.

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Do you think that filtering technology to curb 'fake news' on social media is a good idea?

Yes, I am tired of all that fake stuff floating around. Weeding out the obviously fake stuff will be great for the quality of online content.
No, it will introduce more subjectivity and will get political in the end anyway. Everyone should decide for themselves whether to believe what they read or not.
This is easy: fake news I don't like should be censored, those I do like shouldn't be.
I am not sure.
I do not care as long as my fanfic is not censored.
Gah! This post is so triggering! You are such a conservative scum! Just die!
More of your liberal's tears is so delicious, you liberal scum.
I do not give a shit. I am Putin and I am taking a two minutes break from reading the friends-locked fanfic I broke into right after I moved LJ's servers to Moscow.
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