January 16th, 2017

How to take bad photos

Not only was she the sole star of every shot (no shots of them together, which is OK, I get it) but she also staged and directed every shot micromanaging it to the point where he effectively was reduced to a human tripod cum camera remote (she even told him when to push the button "Now!"). "Boy, she must be not much fun in bed" I thought (I do it involuntarily all the time unfortunately).

Obviously, she also was approving every shot right after it was taken. He just held the camera for her obediently and silently, waiting for her verdict on the fate of his every shot the very second after it was taken:

Even though I know next to nothing about photography and have very little interest in it, I know enough to suspect that those photos turned out crap in the end. Kind of like sex where you treat your partner like a masturbation device with a preset program of your choice. No good photos will come out of it if you want to control it all to feel maximally safe all the time and make it all only about you. And it is also no fun.

I wouldn't photograph her. I'd still do her though.

In Singapore.