January 15th, 2017

What is your favourite honey?

I saw a jar of honey in one of our cabinets today and felt like having some. The jar was new and unopened and I ended up finishing it in one go (it was 113g jar). Turned out it was some super fancy Israeli honey from Harvey Nics produced by the bees that are fed a mixture of some super rare and carefully researched therapeutic herbs, which costs 85 quid (slightly over 100 bucks) a jar and is supposed to be taken in half-a-tea-spoon-a-day portions like medicine.

I rarely feel like having some honey (and would not know it unless I actually saw a jar) but when I do, I usually finish the whole jar in one go. I even remember the last time I did it, it was a couple of months ago and I remembered that it was Manuka honey from New Zealand. It was very caramel-like.

What's your favourite honey? Do you know of any interesting or unusual honey varieties worth trying?

No more honey, honey!

So I have been banned from buying honey. This is because:

- I took it to a ridiculous extreme, like I do everything and we will be taking delivery of a couple of metric tons of honey from all over the world including Zimbabwe, Finland, Hawaii and Siberia and at least a ton of English honey (I just got carried away and it was difficult to stop, there were so many exotic ones). I also ordered a couple of full honeycomb frames with pollen; and

- Apparently a couple of jars that I ordered where not triple certified as quadruple organic (mortal sin) and now we have to hope that our postman will be understanding and will just throw them away in disgust and not attempt the delivery just to out us to our neighbours as some irresponsible villains who are trying to contaminate the neighbourhood with such a highly toxic substance as non-organic honey. I am a very simple son of the nation that, as you may remember from one of my previous posts has been described on Quora as "basically a bunch of drunkards who make red sausages" but our neighbours (and their relationship with the concept of "organic") are this:

So we will be living in fear for the next couple of weeks. Thank you all for your recommendations in my previous post though.

On a bright side, I have finalised the report on our Moldovan project and have sent it off. I am chuffed about that because I do not have to work via the remote connection to our hosts' Moldovan server to connect to the ministry's database anymore, that connection was getting slow and really annoying.

PS: I have been considering participating in the Mystery Box meme going around to get rid of our expected overstock of honey but then it probably would not qualify as "mystery" anymore.