January 8th, 2017


I had a chat with Rob on the phone. He is one of our former volunteers turned interior designers to Moldova's "rich and famous" with two other former volunteers of ours. And while the other guys left for the holiday, Rob who now has a Moldovan girlfriend (she also volunteered with us) stayed to work all the best parties in town and meet more prospective clients. We had a lot of love going on between volunteers as well as volunteers and locals during our project. Rob told me that the villagers missed us a lot because we "made the villages so alive with young people again", something that with Moldova's youth emigration rates some of those villages haven't seen in a while. The grannies had a lot of material to gossip about and disapprove of. We had an awesome time there.

I am finalising one of the reports, which I have to send to the ministry on 15th when Moldova opens for business again after the holidays. While working on the report I need access to one of the ministry's online databases, which can be accessed only from inside the country. We were told that before they restricted the access this way they were hacked a couple of times a day. Apparently people would hack anything these days if even some Moldovan forestry database gets so much attention. Our Moldovan host is a computer whiz though and he set up remote access to their Moldovan server for me through which I can browse and access the database via their Moldovan IP. I still need to test if HideMyAss or Tunnel Bear will work for this too.

Rob told us that it was quite cold in Moldova (up to -25C or -13F) and snowy and shared the below photo with us. This is what he sees when he gets out of the house these days. He also told us that with all the wild New Year partying in Moldova he hadn't been sober for longer than a coupe of hours pretty much since the time we left.