topum (topum) wrote,

A passion for strawberry blondes

I was sitting outside enjoying a beer and the waiter comes over with another bottle and says that it is from those two gentlemen over there. What it was did surprise me:

It is a Swedish beer, a passion fruit and strawberry berliner, where did they get it from here I have no idea (and they refused to tell).

I look up and there are two blonde guys (and they are a couple) at the other side of the terrace enjoying their drinks too. I thought to myself "Well that was bound to happen really, yesterday I worried a bit too much about what other guys thought about my ass so it is only natural that I obviously appear on every gaydar as a giant blinking thing today".

The guys turned out to be a German - American couple. We had a drink and a laugh together and they told me that they saw us around for a couple of days now and that they knew that I was straight but that it was just to celebrate the blonde brotherhood. How nice.
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