topum (topum) wrote,

What is your favourite honey?

I saw a jar of honey in one of our cabinets today and felt like having some. The jar was new and unopened and I ended up finishing it in one go (it was 113g jar). Turned out it was some super fancy Israeli honey from Harvey Nics produced by the bees that are fed a mixture of some super rare and carefully researched therapeutic herbs, which costs 85 quid (slightly over 100 bucks) a jar and is supposed to be taken in half-a-tea-spoon-a-day portions like medicine.

I rarely feel like having some honey (and would not know it unless I actually saw a jar) but when I do, I usually finish the whole jar in one go. I even remember the last time I did it, it was a couple of months ago and I remembered that it was Manuka honey from New Zealand. It was very caramel-like.

What's your favourite honey? Do you know of any interesting or unusual honey varieties worth trying?
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