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Putin's hair makeover

I am putting off getting into the pissgate until more is known to avoid the first couple of waves of "news" that have no news in them which seem to inevitably appear on everything these days while both sides first of all are trying to use everything to "win" and smear the other side and not to actually find out the truth.

I have to admit though that I am curious whether it was the US president who pissed on the Russians or the Russians who pissed on the US president. I am hearing that the US president might have paid the Russians to piss on themselves (not a bad strategy actually and who are we to kink shame anyway). But unfortunately, I tend to think that none of this really fun pissing probably happened. Which is a shame because If Putin had taken control of the US president via a pissing Russian girl, Moscow probably would see its own Manneken Pis to rival the one in Brussels albeit featuring a hooker this time (my guess would be that it would attract way more tourists too).

Good to see that we seem to remain firmly in the wiener/pussy/semen/piss area when it comes to the world's most important job.

Meanwhile, some of my Russian LJ friends have been speculating that Vladimir Putin might change his hairstyle soon. You see, although apparently he did overpump his face with fillers and botoxed it into an otherworldly mask once a couple of years ago, when it comes to his hair, he has been very unadventurous unlike his pals Trump, Berlusconi and Kim Jong Un.

So given the "Trump phenomenon" and its expected impact on style and fashion (boring politics and boring hair days are over), some people wonder whether Vladimir might go for something like this (he already is looking at that guy like "Dude, your hair sucks" in that photo):

Or perhaps this:

The good old bun would work too:

Whereas Dave with a bun is just meh:

And when it comes to buns, no one can touch Kim, he is my favourite (the guy can carry a bun):

And for this old one, I feel that they could have put more work into Obama (lazy bastards):

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