topum (topum) wrote,

Window shopping (not really)

I know nothing about fashion (and do not care about it at all) but I saw these two dresses on the right hand side of Old Bond Street very close to Piccadilly side while walking towards New Bond Street and I took a picture of them. I thought that we didn't see nearly enough of things like these being worn in every day life.

Now looking at these two dresses while writing this here on LJ, I wonder how say altamira16's usual day would go if she put the white one on in the morning and spent the whole day in it? What about bunn standing in her boat in that white one and floating downstream in the middle of the river? Or steepholm going about another routine Monday in it? It would look good in the dramatic landscape around ani_mama's place.

And would bluemeanybeany have a great day in London in that black one? How would it go compared to her usual day? What about beautesauvage13 walking into the office in the morning in that black one with "Ssup bitches! What? Oh, this old thing".

Luckily, my brain will be off to some other (but highly likely equally ridiculous) thing in a second.

Tags: fashion, lj, london, uk
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