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Transsexuals from Uzbekistan stole Chihuahua puppies from a brothel in Moscow

You may remember that I used to read a couple of entries from the Russian LJ Top every now and then via Google Translate (it is fun). I haven't done it for a while but I do have more than a couple of Russian friends here. And one of them brought to my attention one of the things trending in Russia at the moment apparently. So if you feel tired of ridiculous news headlines and complete non-issues blown out of proportion and sold as "news" over and over again, here is a headline from Russia to put things in perspective:

"Transsexuals from Uzbekistan stole Chihuahua puppies from a brothel in Moscow."

This has something for everyone really.

One of apparently multiple sources in Russian.

There is even a short video (of course!). It gets better, the puppies are in it too. The thieves "worked as prostitutes in one of Moscow's gay clubs" apparently.

Here it is (one of the culprits starts at 0:15, the puppies kick in 0:34).

And yeah, if you watched it, you are never getting those 47 seconds of your life back.

I am going back to Gingrich bitching about Romney and for once it is going to feel really good to do so.
Tags: dogs, moscow, russia
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