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We are Russia!

We visited Transnistria (don't confuse it with Transylvania, which we also visited (see here)), Moldova's pro-Russian break away region a couple of times (see here) during our stay in Moldova. This guy in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria was showing off the car he built.

It had "We are Russia!" in Russian on it. The three flags are Russian (white, blue, red), Moldovian Soviet Socialist Republic, this is how Moldova was called when it was part of the USSR (red and green) and I need to figure out what that gold and black one is. Russian Empire is black-gold-white with a double-headed eagle, Russian imperial standard is gold with a double-headed eagle but this seems to be gold and black only with a double headed eagle.

Following in Crimea's footsteps and joining Russia is a very popular idea in Transnistria, which is heavily populated by ethnic Russians. Moldova's newly elected president (ses here) is a big believer in offering a federalisation agreement to Transnistria and in strengthening the ties with Russia, which some believe might change the dynamics and reunite Transnistria with Moldova again.
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