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The Judean People's Front

Been there a couple of times too. In one of the initiatives I joined nothing was done because not everyone from the group agreed that they were horrific racists basically. Didn't matter that people never did anything racist, never had racist thoughts and spent their time and money actually trying to fight racism, they were still KKK via unconscious bias or something and their unwillingness to admit it was just the proof of it. So before anything could have been done we had to understand and get this horrific racism among us under control somehow, which was hard because we could never even get aware of our own racism. Also, actually doing something is dangerous because we might somehow micro aggress white people of colour or trans or some other community (in a way we can never understand). So instead of doing shit we just purged the group of everyone and died. Yeah, that will show them.

Originally posted by eyelid at The Judean People's Front
Oh man, leftists. The circular firing squad of the last few days is so painful to watch. At this point, if you wear a safety pin you are racist, and if you don't you are also racist. Also, you just are racist, there is literally no difference between you and Steve Bannon. Especially if you have the temerity to be a white woman, but also if you are not, don't worry! Also, everything is your fault, and fuck your feelings.

This is how we are treating one another. Can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be part of this!

The lawyers of the left group I'm in, which was formed to do volunteer legal work for defense against Trump, is asking that somehow, in doing our volunteer legal work, we... make sure that diverse attorney voices are heard. ??! And is also proposing to kick all attorneys out of the group who work in The Wrong Jobs, like prosecution or government-side immigration or big business.

The only thing saving me here is my sense of humor. I've gotten to cite Life of Brian and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today. The left is imitating art.
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