topum (topum) wrote,

Best of luck to the president-elect Donald Trump

What a night. I have to say that watching democracy at work is exhilarating. And nobody does it quite like the Americans.

I cannot imagine voting for Trump (same goes for Clinton actually) and I predicted a different outcome (I also got it wrong with Brexit) but now that "we the people" have spoken, I wish the best of luck to the president-elect Donald Trump in rising to the challenges of the world's no 1 job and hope that he will do great (and prove me wrong again).

Congrats to my friends who supported Trump, I can imagine how justifiably intoxicated you are with this victory. And I hope that the understandable but still very ott hysterics of many Hillary supporters will subside in a couple of days or weeks and they will not double down on calling everyone racists and -phobes (I think that was one of the things that brought you Trump) and the US, awesome as it is, will move on to what it does best, business as usual (and providing entertainment for the rest of us every now and then).

Tags: hillary, trump, us, us election
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