topum (topum) wrote,

Season finale of America

So we are all ready here for the season finale which is the U.S. election night. Multiple screens are set up in our community house, which our American volunteers decorated with campaign posters (makes it look very Halloween-like), beer free flow has been arranged and we can't wait. I hope it will be a cliff hanger and will not end very early in the night by Trump losing both New Hampshire and North Carolina.

I did not follow the scandals in the last couple of days and decided not to go into the details of the spirit-cooked-in-semen thing (I have to say though that it is unfortunate that the first woman president's campaign has been so much about wiener and what comes out of it). I think Hillary will win (I also thought Brexit wouldn't happen), which will be good news but mostly because of Trump's loss.

Come on Americans, give us the new leader of the free world. And the first female leader of the free world. It is a bit ironic though that even in this great victory she will still be walking three (actually five) steps (actually elections) behind her man.

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